Installation & Maintenance

Stove Installation & Maintenance

Building control have put in place strict regulations to ensure that the installation of multi-fuel and wood appliances is safe. Hetas is the regulating body that has been approved by the government to assess installations. We can ensure that you have the correct stove fitted to adhere to current guidelines and regulations; simply contact us and we’ll make sure your installation is fully compliant and completely safe.

When you’re considering the option of having a stove installed, we advise that a full site survey is carried out by our registered Hetas installer who will assess the system you plan to install and decide if there is a need for cosmetic, structural or remedial work to be done. With this in mind, our installer will help in your decision making process and guide you towards a stove type and size that best suits your specific requirements.

HETAS Installer

Can be safe in the knowledge that their installer has been trained and assessed to carry out compliant work

Will save both time and money and ensure your appliance works safely and efficiently

Receive a certificate of compliance following the completion of the installation

Ability to choose a range of installations covered by the scheme including biomass boiler systems, dry appliances, appliances with boilers, hot water and heating systems along with re-lining chimney and system flues


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    Our installers can construct a false chimney breast around an insulated twin wall chimney system creating the traditional fireplace appearance you’ve always wanted.

    Think you don’t have enough room for a chimney breast?

    Our installers can build an external recess on the outside of your property. By knocking through an external wall, we can create the room to build a fireplace recess either on the exterior of the property, or even inside a garage.

    Our team take pride in their work, crafting this space cleanly and efficiently with maximum protection for your home. Once the job is complete there’ll be no sign of the work that went into it, just a new fireplace for you to enjoy.

    Our Process

    Site inspection

    Our in house registered installer will undertake a no fee, no obligation site visit to assess your situation and establish which stove type is most suitable.

    There are many aspects to be considered, including all of the following items listed.

    Is the site in a smokeless zone?

    Is a DEFRA approved model necessary?

    Is the existing chimney adequate?

    Does the chimney need sweeping or lining?

    If no chimney is present, is a twin wall system required?

    Do you have or even require ventilation (fresh air supply)?

    Twin Wall Chimney Systems & Accessories

    Twin wall is a prefabricated insulated chimney system which is used when a traditional chimney is not present and also allows for greater versatility to placement of stoves around your home.

    We can design, supply and install your chimney system to exact requirements.

    Colour Options

    The external chimney components can be powder coated to almost any RAL colour of your choice.

    This is particularly ideal if you need to meet certain planning conditions.

    Prefabricated Chimney Stacks

    These can be used as an optional extra when you don’t have an original chimney stack but want the authentic look of one. These are suitable for use with solid fuel appliances and also gas fires.

    We can supply and install chimney tops to suit both traditional and contemporary houses. Speak to our trained staff to find out more!


    Our installers can be as flexible as you need them to be in order to fit in a consultation around your working hours or commitments; they can even visit your property during evenings.

    Remember that this free consultation is a chance to ask our experienced installers as many questions as you need. Once we’ve established your requirements we will provide you with a written quotation.

    Our experienced fitters will arrange a time and date that best suits you to install your new stove. Upon completion, you will be provided with a certificate of compliance to prove that your stove adheres to regulations and is completely safe.

    Essential Maintenance Tips

    A woodburning stove creates a wonderfully cosy focal point in any home. And with the latest designs virtually carbon-neutral to boot, it’s little wonder that over a million British homeowners have now installed woodburners in their properties. As with any appliance in the home, regular maintenance is essential to ensuring that your woodburner continues to burn fuel efficiently and heat your home effectively.

    Regular Stove And Chimney Inspections Are Crucial

    Central to your stove maintenance plan is a regular inspection. The frequency of these inspections is affected by how often you use your stove; a wood-burner or multi-fuel stove that is only used very occasionally won’t require checking as often as one which is lit a few times every week.

    A good rule of thumb is to book an inspection at least once a year. Try to arrange it the same time as other annual checks, such as your car’s MOT, if finances allow. This way, you’ll not forget about it.

    The inspection should be carried out by either a Hetas professional installer or an independent registered chimney sweep who will check the chimney and appliance thoroughly for any signs of deterioration, such as cracks, leaks, warped areas, baffle gaps or signs of creosote.

    Any of these issues has the potential to result in a devastating chimney fire if left unresolved, so it really is vital that a regular inspection is carried out. Get your stove and chimney inspected during the late summer to ensure it is in tip-top condition for winter.

    Check Your Rope Seals

    The specialist fire-rope around the door of your wood-burning or multi-fuel stove plays an important role in ensuring your appliance is working at full efficiency.

    This heat-resistant rope acts as a seal to prevent excess air from getting into the stoves firebox and to ensure the door remains shut. Over time, it can easily become worn, squashed or frayed, which can reduce the efficiency of your stove quite markedly.

    As well as carrying out a visual check every month or so, you should periodically trap a piece of thin paper in the door. If you can pull the paper out without too much effort, this is a sign that your rope seal needs replacing.

    Use Fully Seasoned Firewood

    For maximum heat release and energy efficiency, it is a good idea to only burn fully-seasoned wood. It may be tempting to throw on any old bit of mossy green wood you’ve found out in the woods but, as well as leading to a build-up of creosote within the chimney and some pretty unpleasant smoke, unseasoned wood can be almost 50% moisture and will take an age to burn off before it can start heating your home.

    You can check if wood has been seasoned or not by banging two pieces together – dry wood will sound hollow, whereas damp wood will sound dull and solid. You can also look for cracks, which should be evident in the grain of seasoned wood.

    Investing in a firewood moisture meter is one of the best ways of ensuring that your wood is well-seasoned: simply push the prongs into the piece of wood and your reading will come up in seconds. A moisture content of 20% or lower is what is recommended.

    Get Your Chimney Swept Regularly

    Chimney fires are a depressingly regular occurrence in homes up and down the UK and to avoid one, it really is vital that you have your chimney swept at least once a year.

    Fires begin when there is a build-up of creosote inside the chimney which alights. The temperature inside the chimney can then rise to extreme levels, potentially leading to fire on the roof, inside the building or on nearby tree tops. These fires can be devastating but they are easily preventable.

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    After Sales

    We strive to provide our customers with the very best after sales service safe knowing that the installation was according to current regulations.

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